‘US main supporter of all dictators, terrorists’

Commander of Iran's Basij (volunteer) Force Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi blasted the US for its extensive human rights violations, and said Washington is the main advocate of all dictators and terrorist groups in different parts of the world.

“The crimes you are witnessing in all countries ruled by dictators and human-rights-violating rulers are backed by the US,” Naqdi said in a ceremony held at Tehran University on Monday to unveil a Basij report on the violation of human rights in the United States.

“The US has supported the Bahraini King, the Saudi King, Saddam, Pinochet and specially those who are more criminal (than others),” he added.

Referring to the US budget allocated to the terrorist operations in other countries, Naqdi said, “They support the terrorists in the Eastern parts of Iran, Monafeqin (Hypocrites, members of Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization as they are called in Iran) and all terrorist grouplets.”

Earlier during the ceremony, Naqdi's deputy Ahmad Esfandiyari announced that Basij would soon launch a system to register the cases of human rights violations by the West.

The lieutenant commander underlined that the system for registering human rights violations will be unveiled soon, and said, “From the beginning of the next Iranian year (starts March 21, 2014), we will release quarterly reports on the human rights violations by the westerners and the Americans.”

Pointing to the United States' overt and continued violation of human rights, Esfandiyari reminded that the US has launched military attacks on 52 countries, “and 50 million American-Indians have been killed in the US since its establishment as a country”.

He also pointed out that 3,000 people are in death row in the US waiting for their execution, while Washington slams other countries when they execute a murderer. “The US justice secretary has announced that the number of shootings in the US has tripled during 2008-2013 as compared with the 2000-2008 period, which shows lack of security for the Americans.”

Esfandiyari stressed that the trace of the western countries can be seen in the slaughters which take place throughout the world, and said, “Before the Second World War the British were seen to be involved in these crimes, and after the war the Americans' involvement has been visible very readily.”

He recalled that 65 million people have been killed in the Second World War, a large many of whom were killed by the Americans, including the tens of thousands of the people nuked in the two Japanese cities. Yet, he said, the Americans do not allow anyone to speak of their numerous and continued cases of the violation of human rights.