Basirat exhibition at the Isfahan University of Technology

Isfahan University of Technology hosted a basirat exhibition at the last few days of Ramadan. Organized by Habilian Association, the exhibition included various topics such as introduction of hypocrite movements within Iran, a review on deviated Baha'i cult and Hojjatieh Society, etc.

Hojjatieh Society's deviated thoughts, their service to Savak (Shah regime's intelligence), Hojjatieh after the Islamic Revolution, Hojjatieh's beliefs in common with the Mujahedin e-khalq organization (MKO), Hojjatieh and spread of separation between religion and politics, Wilayat e-Faqih from Hojjatieh's view, answers to their devious beliefs, Hojjatieh's role in 2008 post election riots and their recruitment techniques were among the most important topics covered during the event about Hojjatieh Society.

Baha'i cult was also discussed in detail during the exhibition. A review on Baha'i founders' beliefs, Baha'i ties with the Pahlavi regime, their connection to the UK and Israel, the cult's services to western intelligence, ethical and intellectual deviations of Baha'is, and their recruitment methods were shown to the visitors.

At the end, some relevant Habilian products including software, books and brochures were provided to the exhibitioners.