Confessions of high ranking MKO terrorists (29)

The ceremonies were held and the provincial authorities were alert. They checked every clash that might allow the Organization to make use of it later on.


Jafar Hasani:

Praise be to the Imam of the Ummah, Leader of the Revolution and Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

As our brother said, we intend in this part to show that all the hypocrites' lines, which were planned in the capital to promote the plot against the regime of the Islamic Republic, were carried out in the provinces in relation to the local situation, in the same way that the students' and workers' organs were dealt with, about which elaborate descriptions have already been given, and you can generalize the main points in connection to the zone of the country.

In the social organ of the provinces, from the very beginning, called the period of political activity, the militia was organized to overthrow the ruling regime. For example in Mashhad, the militia teams were sent to seek information from revolutionary organs and centers such as the army and Comitehs. Maneuvers were made by the militia for better preparation and efficiency. Sometimes these forces were sent to Tehran, to such places as the Amjadieh stadium, for which three buses were sent from Mashhad. As far as I know, about a thousand individuals coming from Tabriz and the northern provinces took part in the Amjadieh incident. Obviously there were more from other provinces too.

The line followed in the provinces from the beginning of the victory of the Revolution consisted in surveying strategic zones in the country. This meant that certain places had to be sought by this organ throughout the country, especially at borders, suitable for illegal activities, for starting operations. These points were in the northwest and west of the country. In the provinces too, special zones were chosen such as Orumieh, Ardebil and Salmes in Azarbayjan. In big cities too, suitable strategic points were selected for activity. The militia were told to see matters from a broader angle and think of the day when city districts were to be liberated and fortified and fresh parts were to be liberated. I affirm that all those programs and maneuvers which I mentioned had begun as early as the beginning of the victory of the Revolution and the more the Organization established itself, the more it extended its programs. It all began at a time when the well- known slogan of Praise to Khomeini, salutations to the strugglers, was adopted.

In the Provincial Relations Section too, the Organization was trying to drag other groups, parties and personalities behind itself and win them over. At the beginning, contacts were made with Sheikh Ezzedin, Ghassemlou and other personalities. The contact with Ezzedin and Ghassemlou was made by the Organization's authorities in Azarbayjan. The Organization also contacted Shari' Atmadari indirectly on account of his supposed influence in Azarbayjan. Such contacts took place because many of the Organizational forces believed these elements to be pro- American. Many examples of such contacts can be given.

Another example I wish to give is about the riot in Mashhad, an event which dragged personalities like Ahmad-Zadeh and influenced them. This example was related to the main axis of the Organization's propaganda to show itself innocent and to exaggerate the question of clubbing and club-bearing, a matter which was explained by our brother in the Students' Section and in which they themselves played the principal part. Their sole aim was to overthrow the regime and make a big fuss about it.

In the conflict over the Cultural Revolution, in one of the clashes, the hypocrites' headquarters in Mashhad was forcefully occupied by the Comiteh Guard brethren on the order of the Prosecutor General. When this happened, a number of the Organization's supporters decided to reoccupy it, and in the ensuing clash, someone named Mashkin-Fam was killed. This incident was heavily exploited by the hypocrites in their propaganda so that the whole blame would fall upon the regime of the Islamic Republic. To what extent they exploited this incident, is known to you. Moreover, finding it beneficial to them, the hypocrites decided to repeat the experiment on the anniversary of the incident on the occasions of the anniversary of the Cultural Revolution. This seemed so important to the Organization that it was declared that the experiment must be carried out even at the price of the death of a few.

The ceremonies were held and the provincial authorities were alert. They checked every clash that might allow the Organization to make use of it later on. All this shows that what was called the 'Political and Military Phases' was the two-sided face of the same coin in the execution of the hypocrites' line. As I said before, owing to the shortage of time, I have only given a brief account about the calculated programs of the Organization in the provinces, the details of which will be described in the future if an opportunity presents itself.


Confessions of high ranking MKO terrorists (28)