‘US delisted MEK to legally work with it’‎

Much of the sabotage of Iran's nuclear facilities and assassination of its scientists actually carried out by the MEK, designated a “foreign terrorist organization” by the U.S. The U.S. recently lifted the ‎‎“terrorist” designation so that we can legally work with the MEK.‎

On Thursday Carole and I went to Providence for the taping of the WJAR debate for candidates for RI’s ‎‏2‏nd congressional district. It was broadcast Friday on WJAR in RI. Our friend Abel Collins, the ‎independent candidate, gave a fine closing statement.‎

Then we stayed to watch the debate for US Senate candidates Barry Hinckley and incumbent Sheldon ‎Whitehouse, It airs today (Saturday, Nov.‎‏3‏‎) at ‎‏7:30‏‎ pm on WJAR, Ch. ‎‏10‏‎. (No questions on foreign ‎policy were asked in either debate. But I already know the disastrous positions of the two incumbents, ‎Rep. Langevin and Sen. Whitehouse.)‎

As we left the building, Whitehouse was outside greeting people. We had a two-minute conversation:‎

‎“Hi Rod. Did you come to Providence especially for this? How’s your house? Do you have electricity?”‎

No we don’t have electricity. But that’s a minor inconvenience. What really bothers me is your ‎continuing support of Israel. Why are we causing so much suffering for the Palestinians and Iranians?‎

‎“They’re jihadists.”‎

I asked him if he knew when Iran last attacked another country. He had no idea. So I told him it was in ‎‏1738‏‎.‎

‎“What about the attack on Iraq?”‎

I pointed out that actually Iraq attacked Iran. (I failed to remind him of the U.S. complicity in this and ‎our support for Saddam Hussein.)‎

I also pointed out that Iran has no nuclear weapons, while Israel has hundreds.‎

‎“We’ll just have to agree to disagree. Have a nice day.”‎

The above is not a verbatim transcript. It’s a paraphrasing of my recollections. I don’t know if Sheldon ‎really believes all the lies he parrots. But on Tuesday I’m afraid he’ll be re-elected and will continue ‎doing whatever Netanyahu and AIPAC tell him to do. I’m sending him a copy of my recent letter:‎

Israel has a secretive nuclear program of its own

When Benjamin Netanyahu or his obedient followers Barack Obama and Mitt Romney talk of a ‎potential attack by Iran, why doesn’t the media remind us who has actually attacked whom? ‎

The last time Iran attacked another nation was nearly three centuries ago. (In ‎‏1738‏‎ Nader Shah ‎invaded India.)‎

On the other hand since World War II, the U.S. and Israel have bombed, invaded or otherwise ‎attacked dozens of countries killing hundreds of thousands of people – perhaps a million. Iran itself ‎has often been the target.‎

In ‎‏1953‏‎ the CIA overthrew Iran’s democratically-elected government and made Shah Mohammad ‎Reza Pahlavi dictator with the brutal organization SAVAK to eliminate his opponents. In ‎‏1958‏‎ an ‎American ship “accidentally” shot down an Iranian airliner killing all ‎‏230‏‎ adults and ‎‏60‏‎ children on ‎board. In the ‎‏1980‏s President Reagan attacked Iran by proxy, supporting Saddam Hussein in his war ‎against Iran. ‎

Israel has bombed or invaded Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and of course Palestine itself.‎

Today the U.S. and Israel are apparently behind the sabotage of Iran’s nuclear facilities and murders of ‎its nuclear scientists and engineers. Much of this is actually carried out by the MEK (the People’s ‎Mujahedin), designated a “foreign terrorist organization” by the U.S. The U.S. recently lifted the ‎‎“terrorist” designation so that we can legally work with the MEK.‎

The U.S. has imposed crushing sanctions on the people of Iran, much as we did in the ‎‏1990‏s on the ‎people of Iraq – another population which had done nothing to us.‎

Iran’s nuclear program is said to be a threat to Israel and the U.S. Ironically, Iran began its program for ‎nuclear energy in ‎‏1957‏‎ with the U.S. supplying nuclear material. At that time Iran was ruled by our ‎friend, dictator Reza Pahlavi. ‎

After Reza Pahlavi was overthrown in ‎‏1979‏‎, Iran’s religious leaders continued the nuclear-energy ‎program. But they have repeatedly renounced nuclear weapons, calling for a nuclear-free zone in the ‎Middle East. And as a party to the NPT (nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty), Iran has accepted ‎numerous inspections of its nuclear facilities.‎

On the other hand, Israel has a secretive nuclear program. It refuses to sign the NPT and will not allow ‎international inspections of its nuclear facilities. ‎

Why is the U.S. media silent on all this?‎