IRGC commander describes MKO as “enemy rearguard”

After the war (Iraqi imposed war on Iran), Munafeqin (Mujahedin-e Khalq, as they are called in Iran) proceeded with their own policies, most important of which was intelligence gathering, says an IRGC commander.

Habilian has saved Islamic Republic’s face by holding such exhibitions, Saeed Qasemi said, while visiting the largest counter-terrorism permanent Exhibition.

He positively evaluated Habilian’s exhibitions across the country, adding, “Holding such exhibitions is very positive and acceptable, while many organizations and agencies do not carry out their missions about peoples’ concerns properly.”

“After reviewing several years of activities of this nongovernmental organization as well as its great number of exhibitions held throughout the country, we can say that Habilian well recognizes today’s front and knows where to build bulwarks and what to inform people,” Qasemi added.

Islamic Revolutionary Guards Commander Qasemi referred to the desperate efforts of MKO during the Iraqi imposed war on Iran and described MKO as “the enemy rearguard” in this war.

“Members of this cult were (Iraq’s) fifth columnist, and they carried out their responsibility effectively by blabbing (our) statistics and information to the enemy,” he said.

“Munafeqin were given lots of equipment to stage Mersad Operation.”

Referring to MKO ties to the Seditionists, Qasemi stressed that the most parts of information regarding MKO’s role during the post-election riots have been remained veiled.