Iraqi media delegations meet Habilian S.G.

“We write about the MKO, their terrorist acts, and their present condition so that it is disgraced more than before.”

A group of Iraqi media figures met secretary General of Habilian Association (families of Iranian terror victims) and insisted on the increment of cultural exchanges between the two countries for revelatory measures about MKO.

As reported by Habilian association database, in this meeting Habilian S.G. pointed out the deep connection between the Iranian and Iraqi nations and said: “The two nations have got a lot of religious and racial interests in common and that is exactly why there is always someone out there who wants to destroy the bonds between them.”

Hashemiejad included that the U.S. has been organizing many of the acts of vandalism performed in Iraq and the role of the terrorist groups in this scenario is to destroy the ties between Iran and Iraq and spread discord between the two nations.

Referring to the U.S. claim that it has come to Iraq to help the people, he added: “The U.S. claims are in contrast with its acts and that proves that it has plans other than helping the Iraqi people.”

He also mentioned the assasination of Iranian scientist (martyr Rezaeinejad) and blamed the U.S. for assassination of about 2000 Iraqi professors, scientists and cultural figures and insisted that the two nations’ common enemies don’t want them to develop.

He also referred to the MKO presence in Iraq and included that this terrorist group has assassinated more than 12000 Iranian and 25000 Iraqis under the support of the U.S. and continued:” This organization is following Saddam in causing sedition between Iran and Iraq. We have had meetings with over 140 Iraqi groups in order to provide them the needed information about the MKO and to reveal their hypocritical actions. In addition we have held more than 80 exhibitions on this issue.”

We write to dishonor MKO

“We write about the MKO, their terrorist acts, and their status at the present so that it is disgraced more than before.” AmalSaadoun, another speaker in this meeting said.

She referred to the deceits of this notorious cult and said: “leaders of this cult are trying to seduce needy people and gather some advocates in Iraq.”

“Halimah Abdulhussain Kadhim”, another participant from Salaheddin, appreciated the Habilian association’s efforts as the representative of families of terror victims and hoped for the international human rights organizations to pay more attention on the facts.

“Zahra mohammad Saoud” asked the Habilian association to publish an Arabic journal to enlighten the public opinion in Iraq about the nature of the MKO.