Iraqi professors meet Habilian S.G.

“History of MKO is fraught with crimes and atrocities, and its members are far from civility and humanity. They have assassinated 25 thousand and more than 12 thousand civilians in Iraq and Iran respectively, still, they take pride in their criminalities."


A number of Iraqi Professors and scholars met the Secretary General of Habilian association. Insisting on the two nations’ common cultural roots, they asked for expanding the cultural exchanges between Iran and Iraq.

According to the Habilian association database, in this meeting, Habilian S.G. mentioned the deep cultural connection between the two nations and reiterated: “There is such a deep connection between the two nations that even thirty years of separation between them couldn’t hurt it.”

Hasheminejad also pointed out the colonizers’ efforts to create schism between the Iraqi and the Iranian nations and said: “The enemies have always tried to infiltrate our cultural believes and damage the cultural bonds between the two countries.”

Referring to Sadam’s imposed war on Iran and the western cultural onslaught, he included: “It’s so good to see the ties between the two countries are once again sincere and friendly.”

“The Iraqi Universities have been developing freely and there is an obvious rise in their science indicators since the fall of Sadam’s regime.” The Habilian S.G. reiterated.

Reminding the Islamic culture and its impact on the two nations he noted:” The two nations have always stood against injustice and the foreign intervention.”

Hasheminejad mentioned the terrorist groups as one of the tools used to create schism between the Iraqi and Iranian people and included: “The mission of the terrorist groups in Iran and Iraq is to impede the two countries' development and a typical of such groups is the MKO”.

Reminding the memory of Iraqi intifada martyrs, he also remarked the cult’s black record in assassinating innocent people, and said “history of MKO is fraught with crimes and atrocities, and its members are far from civility and humanity. They have assassinated 25 thousand civilians in Iraq and more than 12 thousand in Iran, though, they take pride in their criminalities.”

Yet the Iraqi professors expressed their demands in this meeting which included:

- Expanding cultural collaborations and student exchanges between the two countries.

- Providing more scholar and research facilities to the Iraqi students by Iranian universities.

At the end of the meeting Iraqi academics expressed their readiness for establishing anti-terrorism organizations regarding the revelations and cultural confrontation of terrorist groups, esp. MKO which has committed innumerable crimes in Iraq.


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