Two Ambulances Attacked by Armed Terrorists

Violent gunmen unloaded a hail of bullets at the ambulance of Red Lion and Sun Society of Iran, which was bound to the city of Sanandaj from the mobile hospital of Red Lion and Sun Society of Iran, killing a doctor, a paramedic, and the driver.

According to a report published by Ettela’at Daily on April 27, 1980, the militants targeted another ambulance parked outside the governorate with an RPG. Three wounded men aboard the ambulance were killed in the ensuing fire. Nine civilians, including three students, also were killed by direct gunfire and mortar attacks.

They were named Mohammad Bahri, Ibrahim Reza Veisi, Jeiran Naseri, Salim Mostafayi, Einollah Kalhori, Qorbanali Hedayati, Abbas Rajabi, Mohammad Seddiq Rajabi, and Susan Yasamanpur. Two military men, Mohammadreza Samadi Moqaddam and Davud Akhundi, also lost their lives after they traded shots with the militants.