A Warning to the Supporters of the Cult of Rajavi

We, the survivors of bloody terrorist attacks in Iran, take this opportunity to write a brief letter to the supporters of a dangerous terrorist cult known to people, governments and the international community by a notorious dark background.

When speaking about the Mujahedin-e Khalq organization (MKO, a.k.a MEK, NCRI, PMOI), which is known among Iranian people by the name ‘the Hypocrites’, we are not speaking of an Iranian opposition group with specific political views. To view the MEK as an opposition group is the very same distortion of truth and alteration of history which the MEK is pursuing.

A political opposition group has specific and clear characteristics. A group with a ringleader at the top of it whose orders are forcibly obeyed by its members, a group whose members live in military camps wearing uniforms, a group that restricts the resting time of its members and traps them in forced labor, a group in which marriage is forbidden, men and women are separated and are forced to observe a compulsory dress code, could never be accepted by us, you or any other fair observers to be an opposition group.

A cult that forces husbands and wives to divorce by the order of its ringleader, takes away its own members’ children from them, has a long history of cooperation with former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and being armed by heavy and light weapons, humiliates its members by holding ceremonies of compulsory confessions, instructs its members to immolate themselves in Paris streets, doesn’t allow its members to visit their families, led for more than 25 years by a husband and wife, how could one name such a dangerous cult an opposition group?

What kind of opposition group opens fire on innocent people? The destructive cult of MEK has killed more than 12000 Iranian citizens including ordinary people and government officials during a period of 4 decades. What kind of opposition group has assassinated citizens of other nationalities including 4 Americans during the 1970s?

Do you know an opposition group that gas supported ISIS terrorists and called them revolutionary nomads of Iraq at the beginning of Mosul occupation? 

The MEK cult was on terrorist lists of the European Union, United States, United Kingdom and some other Western countries for several years. In addition, a number of prominent human rights organizations and think tanks including the Human Rights Watch and Rand Institute have referred to the MEK as a cult in their reports. Including to this, dozens of reports by western Intelligence agencies have recognized the MEK has violated the rights of its own members, committed money laundering, fraud and has been involved in terrorist operations.

Considering these facts, the question is how could some people still cooperate with such an infamous and destructive cult?

Could a group whose financial resources are vague and has always tried to evade answering to questions about its funds and assets, be counted as a reliable group?

Shouldn’t a group who spends millions of dollars on its annual meetings in Paris and pays hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees to its hired speakers, provide a clear answer to questions about its financial resources?

How come the U.S. treasury department probed U.S. citizens who have been paid speaking fees by the MEK? Why do American officials who are at office avoid any public connections with this group?

How come Rudy Giuliani’s opponents used his connection to the MEK to stop him from becoming the US Secretary of State when he was nominated for the position by Donald Trump? Many politicians know clearly what kind of a cult they are dealing with here and how they could use the cult’s bad reputation to destroy their opponents.

It is a shame that there are still a number of former officials in some countries who would risk their reputation by advocating for this dangerous terrorist cult and risk prosecution by taking money from them.

The survivors of terrorist incidents in Iran demand these political figures and activists to beware dealing with the MKE cult. You are not dealing with an opposition group, but a destructive Iranian cult and connections with this cult would not benefit you in any ways in the long term. All fees taken from this cult is considered as payments by a terrorist group and could lead to prosecution.

The terrorist MEK cult, like all other similar anti-human rights cults that were disbanded, will be prosecuted and put to justice by its victims because of committing crimes against humanity.

Families of victims of the terrorist MEK cult,

June 17, 2019.