Iran FM calls for regional coop. in fight against extremism, terrorism

Iranian foreign minister says that the countries in the Middle East region need to cooperate and negotiate in fight against extremism and terrorism.
Speaking on the sidelines a conference at the University of Tehran dubbed ‘Post ISIS Era’, Iranian Foreign minister stressed on the need for cooperation and negotiations among the countries in the region in the fight against extremism and terrorism.
In response to a question regarding Iran’s role in the fight against ISIL, Mohammad Javad Zarif told reporters “Iran with its advisory help has played an important role in the fight against ISIL terrorism, which is threatening the world security.”
He stated that extremism and ISIS are a threat to the countries in the region and the world, adding that the fight against that threat needs planning to find a long-term solution as well as cooperation and dialogue between the countries of the region.
The Iranian foreign minister went on to express his hope that the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has been at the forefront of fight against terrorism, will also be able to promote the culture of dialogue, cooperation and negotiations in the region, especially in the Persian Gulf, in order to play a more effective role.