Iran condemns deadly terrorist attack in Iraq’s Karbala

بهرام قاسمی

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Iranian Foreign Ministry on Monday strongly condemned the attack carried out by terrorist groups in the Iraqi province of Karbala, expressing the hope that terrorism would be eradicated in the region.

Five attackers armed with suicide vests, rifles and grenades have killed 18 people in the Iraqi town of Ain al-Tamer, southwest of Baghdad, local officials say.

Local officials at the provincial health directorate confirmed the death toll in the attack, which occurred late on Sunday, and said at least 26 people were also wounded.

In a statement, the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said “Takfiri terrorists commit such crimes and kill innocent people while knowing that they are living out their final days in Iraq.”

He expressed his sympathy with the Iraqi government and nation as well as families of the victims of the evil move.

Qassemi at the same time said such blind and savage measures are carried out by terrorists in reaction to their repeated failures in the Arab country.

The Iranian spokesman further hoped that the Iraqi people would live in peace and calm and work toward their country’s security and reconstruction.