“US State Terrorism” exhibition in Mashhad college of dentistry

Organized by Habilian Association, the 5-day long exhibition was held in Mashhad college of dentistry’s entrance hall.

A categorization of US think tanks, Great Middle East plan, freedom land, supporters of the Jews, a total cold war, US military interventions before the end of 19th century, US military interventions before WWII, establishment of the US government during Qajar era and invisible soldiers ambushing Saudi Arabia were among the topics of contents provided to visitors in forms of posters and videos.

Other topics included WMD in Iraq, worse than WWII, supporting Saddam, cultural cold war, attack on Iranian oil platforms, book of terror, democracy assassination, direct involvement of Pentagon in management of Iraqi tortures, Nojeh coup, silent victims, the big lie of Afghanistan war and democracy’s gift.

Habilian experts were also present at the place to explain the topics and answer the visitors’ questions.