Rajavi backs Iran's tearing into pieces

Criticizing the recent remarks of the Mujahedin-e Khalq ringleader, an Iraqi author and university professor said Rajavi is opposed to the unity and territorial integrity of Iran.

Rajavi caught me by surprise, since she is totally against Iran's territorial integrity, Dr. Tai al-Badri al-Samarrai wrote in an article published on Sawt al-'iraq, referring to MKO leader's recent anti-Iran remarks.

Al-Samarrai pointed to the fact that the self-declared president of Iran was not elected by some opposition forces, i.e. monarchists, adding, "this person claims that she respects the vote of nation, what does she do if they don't elect her?"

"Rajavi believes that the each of the ethnic groups which comprise the Iranian identity should be autonomous, and that different regions of the country should be ethnically-ruled, which is in fact breaking the country into pieces."

If I were an Iranian, Badri al-Samarrai added, I would have elected the Wilayah Faqih system, since it has so far proved that that it has protected people and unity of its country.

The Iraqi author said finally that every measure leading to the weakening of the territorial integrity of any of the neighboring countries would affect the adjacent countries.