Basirat Exhibition at Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

As a result of the Habilian Association’s efforts, the great exhibition of Basirat was held this time at the mosque of Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

The exhibitions featured an estimated 100 posters regarding the crimes of the terrorist MKO group, the events during the early days of the Islamic revolution, role of the MKO in numerous conspiracies against the Islamic Republic, MKO’s evasion from Iran and siding with Saddam during the Iraqi imposed war on Iran, and the terrorist group’s role in the brutal crackdown of 1991 Kurdish uprising against Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

The university students had the opportunity to ask their questions regarding the MKO and Habilian’s experts answered the questions and explained the posters being shown in the exhibition one by one.

Having visited the Habilian’s exhibition, the governor of Golestan province said, “Munafeqin (hypocrites, a term used for members of MKO in Iran) are the most wretched people of our time who did not hesitate killing our people to serve the United States, Saddam, and Zionists.”

Mr. Ghena’at added that such exhibitions across the country are a distinguished measure for the enlightenment of the people of our country, particularly the youth and the post-revolution generations who were unfamiliar with the MKO’s crimes and Islamic Revolution’s achievements.