IRGC Dismantles Terrorist Team in Northwestern Iran

Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) traced and dismantled an anti-revolutionary group in West Azarbaijan province in Northwestern Iran.

The IRGC's Ground Force disbanded a terrorist group in Sardasht in West Azarbaijan province on Thursday evening, the IRGC said in a statement.

"The IRGC battled with a team of miscreants and anti-revolutionaries who attempted to infiltrate and conduct sabotage operations in Sardasht and crushed them upon arrival in the country," the statement added.

It pointed out that some weapons and ammunition were seized from the terrorists.  

Sardasht is situated in the Southwestern part of West Azarbaijan Province and is near the Iran-Iraq border.

In a relevant development in late September, Iranian security forces traced and dismantled an anti-revolutionary group in Northwest of the country.
The country's security and intelligence forces dismantled a hostile counterrevolutionary group in the Northwestern West Azarbaijan Province on Sunday, Iran's Intelligence Ministry announced.  

The terrorist team was disbanded in an area located between Piranshahr and Naqadeh cities in West Azarbaijan province.

Two members of the anti-revolutionary terrorist group were killed in armed clashes with the security forces and a number of them were arrested by them.

Meantime, arms and munitions were found in the hideout of the terrorist group and seized.