Terrorism, in the viewpoint of Islam & Case study of Islamic Republic of Iran
عنوان:     Terrorism, in the viewpoint of Islam & Case study of Islamic Republic of Iran
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Nowadays Terrorism is a specially word that is a subject for most of news in mass media. One of the most important aspects of terrorism is definition of this word. Terrorism is a word with this capacity that everyone can interpret it in according to his/her benefits.

For example US army attacks to civilians of Pakestan and claims that they fight against terrorism. In other word, USA terrors civilians to fight against terrorism. This example shows the importance of the definition of the word of terrorism .for this we should make a specific and strict definition for terrorism.

by referring to Islamic texts, it will be clear that the legislator (God) constantly encourages his believers to respect others either to their enemy and we can not find any document in Islamic texts permitting terror enemies.

At first, This paper will study the definition of terrorism and explain the approach of Islam as to terrorism and show difference between Islamic jihad and terror and finally as a case study, we will study Islamic Republic of IRAN as a Islamic country that was a victim of terrorism, to probe and explain reasons and causes of terrorism in IRAN.