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Terrorism can be controlled if confronted seriously: leader

Iranian President appeared in a press conference in Rome and stressed the measures that Islamic, Christian, and other religions’ missionaries can adopt to fight extremism, violence, and terrorism.

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Hundreds of terror victims only in the first year after the Islamic Revolution

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson acknowledged Habilian Association’s measures in acquainting the world with Iran as one of the great victims of terrorism in the world.

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Habilian shall start a global campaign of counter-terrorism

“As a popular non-governmental organization, Habilian Association shall start a global campaign of counter-terrorism. “Said Ayatollah Araki, Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of thought, in a…

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Iran condemns terrorist attack on mosque in Saudi Arabia

The Iranian Foreign Ministry on Friday strongly condemned the recent terrorist attack on a Shiite mosque in Saudi Arabia. At least four people were killed and 18 others…

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Zarif: All should be united against extremists, terrorists

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that all countries should be united against extremist and terrorist g... More

Habilian | 14 February 2016

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Terrorism can be controlled if confronted seriously: leader

Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayataollah Ali Khamenei, met with Alexis Trispas, the Greek Prime Minister, Monday aft... More

Habilian | 10 February 2016

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Iran’s UN Envoy Urges US to Stop Backing “Terrorist-Nurturing” States

Iran’s Ambassador to the United Nations Gholam Ali Khoshroo said settlement of problems in the region requires an end to... More

Tasnim | 8 February 2016


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Research studies of terrorism

Sociological concepts and methods have been fruitfully applied in efforts to understand and counter terrorism. The focus... More

Iftikhar Ahmad | 7 February 2016

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Western Aggression: The Highest Form of Terrorism

Aggression is arguably the highest form of terrorism as it invariably includes the frightening of the target populations... More

Edward S. Herman | 3 February 2016

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Homegrown terrorism: How not to stop it

The men who have carried out al-Qaeda-style attacks in Europe all grew up irreligious. It’s not about Islam as a religio... More

Milan Rai | 24 January 2016

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Martyr Munira Saif

Munira Saif was born on September 24, 1959 in a religious family in the city Nahavand in Hamadan Province. Her father was a member of IRGC and her mother was a housewife. As the se... More

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Martyr Mir Abraham Tara

Mir Abraham Tara was born in August 1959 within a religious family in the city of Kordkoy, Golestan Province. His parents later moved to Tehran. While still in the second grade, Ab... More

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MKO Claims Responsibility for the murder of Basij volunteer in 1982

The Mujahedeen e-Khalq terrorist group has accepted responsibility for the murder of a member of Basij volunteer forces in 1982. According to Habilian Association database (Specia... More

Habilian | 6 February 2016

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MKO claims responsibility for the murder of IRI Navy’s official

The Mujahedeen e-Khalq terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the assassination of Hojatoleslam Mohammad Chavoshi, the political-ideological head of the IRI’s Navy. Accord... More

Habilian | 1 February 2016

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Majlis focused on pursuit the rights of Iranian terror victims

  The bill of obligation of the Government to pursuit the rights of Iranian victims of terrorism in domestic and international courts was delivered to the Presiding Board of the I... More

Habilian | 7 February 2016

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UN counter-terrorism committee tackles terrorist use of the internet

The Islamic State’s exploitation of the Internet and social media continues to bedevil U.S. policymakers, legislators, and tech companies. Problems with State Department efforts to... More

David Fidler - CFR | 7 February 2016

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Exhibition at Imam Reza high school of Mashhad

Titled as "a review on hypocrisy", another exhibition was organized by Habilian Association at Imam Reza high school of Mashhad. The exhibition included a variety of subjects from... More

Habilian | 13 February 2016

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Exhibtion at a mosque in Birjand

On the occasion of the anniversary of Islamic Revolution's victory, Habilian Association organized another exhibition in Birjand. The exhibition presented posters with topics incl... More

Habilian | 4 February 2016


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