A glance at the roots of MKO's largest military operation against Iran

Before the Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979, several groups believed it was impossible to defeat Shah’s regime unless by weapons and through armed conflict. This was an idea shared by some Marxist and some non-Marxist groups alike. Members of these groups, such as Mujahedin-e Khalq organization (MKO, a.k.a MEK, NCRI, PMOI, etc.), met with Ayatollah Khomeini and presented their ideas to him at the beginning of their formation in order to gain popularity by the public. “Upon listening to their ideas for a few days and close examination, I realized that they are an eclectic misguided group who are not honest in what they say and what they believe. Thus, I didn’t endorse them,” said Ayatollah Khomeini later on.

These different groups immediately began to infiltrate different organizations and entities, specifically in universities and in the Media, recruit new members through creating chaos and riots, and collect weapons to meet their goal, which was a complete take-over. Naturally, they soon came to stand in an opposing position with the people, because the public did not approve of their ways or their ideas. People were not interested in them. Therefore, seeing their objectives at risk, they started fighting the people a couple of years after revolution. They drew weapons on the Revolution.

Imagine a Revolution as massive as the Islamic Revolution of Iran came to victory and a couple of years later these groups drew weapons on civilians, the revolution, and revolutionary figures to take over the administration. What did this group know about anthropology and sociology? Naturally, people reacted appropriately and prevented them from staying in the country. Their heads left for European countries and, in particular, France and formed their assassination and terror squads there. Looking at victims of their terrorist operations, one can see young children, women, elderlies, employees, and all kinds of people who fell victims to their murderous operations. There is a list showing that 12,000 people were killed by MKO, among which you can find from infants to men over 80. There are people from all social classes in this list. Even 17-year-old teenagers. All kinds of people.

The European countries stopped tolerating this organization after a number of years, during which MKO heads were commanding these terror attacks from their countries. Their crimes were not unnoticed and there were complaints from everywhere. Thus, they were forced to leave Europe for Iraq, a country that had started a war against Iran since 1980. Saddam Hussein from the outside and MKO and other armed groups from the inside set out to destroy the Islamic Revolution.

During these years, MKO became a part of Iraqi army. They started organizing themselves receiving weapons, tanks, and various armaments from Saddam. Saddam armed them in order to meet his own goals. He used them on different fronts within Iran and even within his own country. MKO was actively involved in massacre of northern Kurds and southern Shiites of Iraq. Therefore, they have the blood of Iraqi people on their hands as well.

When Iran-Iraq war came to an end and a truce was put in place, MKO felt unneeded and that it could no longer be of any use to Saddam. They, thus, decided to prove themselves a strong and a useful player by offering to attack Iran, assuming that if they start the attack, Iranian people would welcome them and follow suit. “People are tired of war, of difficulties, and thus, they will support us and we can take over the country,” they believed. Therefore, they selected a point on the border and rushed towards Iranian cities!

Naturally, they were faced with people’s resistance from the very beginning. Civilian and military forces soon defeated them and MKO lost a large portion of its forces.

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