Iran to attack terrorist centers at any spot

TEHRAN, Jun. 27 (MNA) – IRGC Ground Forces commander, while pointing to IRGC’s strong will to overwhelm terrorists and armed groups in border areas, said terrorist centers will be targeted at any point.

Commander of the IRGC Ground Forces Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour referred to the recent confrontation with terrorists in the northwest region of Oshnaviyeh by Hamzeh Headquarters forces asserting “clashed between the headquarters and armed terrorists led to the killing of a large number of terrorist elements including a number of their officials and commanders who were planning to sabotage acts incited by reactionary states.”

“Given that the main terrorist centers are situated in northern Iraq, their establishments will be targeted at any point if they fail to prevent anti-security actions,” emphasized the commander.

Pakpour went on to add that “brave warriors of Islam, in collaboration with border area compatriots as well as local people, will give immediate respond to any evil movement on the part of terrorists.”