'ISIL created to paralyze Iran, but paralyzed Arrogance'

TEHRAN, Jun. 25 (MNA) – Ayatollah Khamenei has told a group of families of martyrs that Iraq and Levant were a prelude to paralyze Iran, while they were paralyzed by the Islamic Republic’s power.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei received on Saturday a group of families of some of martyrs assassinated in 28 June 1981 in a terrorist explosion in Tehran as well as families of Iranian and Afghan martyrs who were killed in Iraq and Syria defending holy shrines of the Household of Prophet.

Addressing the gathering, the Leader hailed “faith, endeavor, courage and awareness of martyrs” and “patience and resistance of honorable families of martyrs” as pillars of authority and power of the Establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran, asserting that the only way for progress of the Islamic Iran is ‘to revive Revolutionary and striving morale.’

Pointing to the terrorist attack in 1981, he said “those who committed this crime are a brutal, wicked terrorist group who, after fleeing Iran, have been living in European countries and the United States and are protected by those who claim support for counterterrorism and human rights.”

Ayatollah Khamenei described it as a huge historic scandal for Europe and the US; “this terrorist group includes those who claimed defense of people’s rights and even defense of Islam when they began their struggle, but they ended up in committing crimes such as June 28 bombing and killing civilians and finally they stood beside a person like Saddam and now enjoy protection of the United States.”

Touching upon the issue of defending holy shrines of the Household of Prophet (PBUT) and martyred defenders of shrines, Leader of the Islamic Revolution underlined that “this is one of extraordinary and peculiar events in history that the youths from Iran and other countries, with strong faith and belief, leave their young wives and children and their welfare to fight in the way of God in another country and attain martyrdom in this path.”

“Another aspect of this issue is power elements of the Islamic Republic of Iran which is based on strong will and faith of faithful, striving people and martyrs;” Leader added while praising strong faith of martyrs and patience of their families. Emphasizing that enemies are unable to realize power elements of the Islamic Republic, he reaffirmed that “martyrs and their families are like firm rocks, pillars of the Islamic Republic Establishment and that is why the Establishment has always overcome different challenges.”

“Whenever we relied on Revolution and Revolutionary morale, we had progress and wherever we gave up values for the sake of Arrogant powers and were embarrassed of taking Revolutionary positions, we stepped back and were damaged,” said the Leader and asserted that encountering an arrogant enemy must be with Revolutionary morale; “belief in God, belief in Jihad and strong motivation of faithful and Revolutionary youths are sources of power of the Islamic Establishment in asymmetrical warfare against the Arrogant forefront, and while they see these sources of power, but they are unable to analyze the truth of it and rely upon brutal, violent methods.”

Ayatollah Khamenei highlighted that formation of Takfiri terrorist groups such as ISIL was an instance of such violent methods whose aim has been to confront the Islamic Establishment. “The main goal of creation of Takfiri terrorist groups and their actions in Iraq and Syria was attacking Iran, but power of the Islamic Republic of Iran paralyzed themselves in Iraq and Syria.”

Leader of Revolution reiterated that Takfiri terrorist groups consider no difference between Shia and Sunni and they target anyone who is proponent of the Islamic Revolution and opponent of the United States.

Touching upon the situation in Bahrain, Ayatollah Khamenei stressed that “in Bahrain, either, it is not a Shia-Sunni conflict; the main issue is that an arrogant minority is brutally ruling over a wide majority.”

He dubbed insult to the famous, popular scholar of Bahrain an ‘idiocy and foolishness’ by the kingdom; “Sheikh Isa Qassem is the person who, as long as he could speak to public, prevented people from violence and armed movements, but Bahrain rulers do not understand that insulting this striving scholar would mean removing a barrier in front of fiery youths of Bahrain who are ready to do anything against the state.”

Ayatollah Khamenei concluded by saying that Arrogant powers and their agents were unable to understand people and their faith and always committed miscalculations and highlighted that “correct path is moving on path of Islam and reliance upon God Almighty and a nation could only overcome barriers and achieve progress who has strong faith, belief, will and endeavor.”