US assistance to Daesh proved: Leader


In a meeting with Matteo Renzi, Italian Prime Minister, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, described the fight on terrorism as a ground for cooperation between Iran and Italy.

“A number of European countries used to support certain violent terrorist groups for a long time, and today, the dangerous and overarching wave of terrorism has reached Europe as well.” said Ayatollah Khamenei.

He also cited the United States’ financial and arms support for terrorist groups as an obstacle to the resolution of the problem of terrorism, adding: “There is authentic and accurate information about America’s assistance to Daesh and certain other terrorist groups, and even now that they have formed a [so-called] anti-Daesh coalition, certain American organs are helping Daesh in a different way.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution reaffirmed the Italian prime minister’s remarks about “cultural fight on terrorism along with military and financial fight,” noting: “Huge propaganda machines in the world, which are dominated by Western politicians, are spreading Islamophobia under the pretext of [countering] actions taken by a bunch of wicked and terrorist [elements], and political conspiracies behind the scenes make the job difficult in cultural campaign [against terrorism].”

During the meeting, the Italian prime minister highlighted the spillover of terrorism to Europe, saying that the only way to counter this phenomenon is to uproot terrorist organizations through military means and to cut off their financial resources through selling oil and antiquities. He added: “Eradication of Daesh is a priority for us and we are happy that we share views with Iran in this regard.”

The Italian prime minister expressed regret over attempts, which aim to tarnish the image of Islam under the pretext of terrorism, saying: “Today, when a terrorist act is committed in Europe, some officials condemn Islam instead of condemning terrorism, and for instance, America’s presidential hopeful claims in his election campaign that Islam is to blame for the issue of terrorism!”

Mr. Renzi described cultural work as another part of the fight against terrorism, adding: “We have to show that [divine] religions are after peace, dialogue and peaceful coexistence among human beings, and His Excellency’s authority and role as the top leader of the Muslim world is of very high significance in promoting this view.”