Martyr Dariush Chappari

Dariush Chappari was born on September 15, 1949 in a village near Sanandaj City. His father was a postman and a follower of Shafi'i school and his mother was a housewife. He left school when he was a fourth grader and spent a few years later in religious schools. Dariush had to leave school due to economic problems and get into the work market. A fan of driving since childhood, he first began his work as a chauffeur, but after a while he found a job in a construction company.

In 1973, he married one of the descendants of Hazrat Zahra (pbuh), who later gave birth to 2 boys and 3 girls. Through hard work and diligence, soon Dariush managed to buy a shop in Sanandaj, setting up a flourishing business as a reseller of Iran Lining in Kurdistan and Azerbaijan provinces.

With the rise of Imam Khomeini movement, Dariush like other people joined the popular fight against Pahlavi regime and was actively present in the demonstrations. He was one of the guys who brought down the statue of Shah in Revolution Square.

After the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Kurdistan had become the haven of gangs and terrorist groups, who not only disturbed the safety of the region, but also violated the rights of people, forcing them to accompany them in the fight against the nascent Islamic Republic regime. In the company of a group of his friends, Dariush, unable to stand against the bullies and violence of these groups, moved to Kermanshah and after a few months of cooperation with the IRGC, he organized the Pishmargan Organization which was then in the hands of anti-revolutionary groups.

With the release of Sanandaj from the vile of Chappari groups, he go back to his normal life; however, the terrorist groups, who still resented his cooperation with the Islamic regime, implemented two terrorist operations, but each time their assassination plan was doomed to failure.

Because of his history of resistance and the spirit of combat, Chappari was cherished by the people of the city. Most of the time, people dropped by his shop to consult with him about their problems.

He treated his family and friends with kindness and did all he could to assist the people in need.

In the morning of December 19, 2005, Chappari and his two sons got off to work as usual. He went to a coffee shop near their shops to have a tea. On the way back and was near the shop, he was shot from behind by a man. As he lost his balance, the man shot him again in the head and fled the scene. Despite the efforts of Dariush sons and the help of people to take him to the hospital, doctors could not do anything for him and he joined other martyrs.

Later, PJAK terrorist group formally assumed the responsibility of this terrorist attack, stating that, “The death sentence of one of the masterminds of Kurdish conflict who had brought enormous damages to people was undertaken successfully, arousing great delight and bliss amongst Kurdish people”.

However, unlike their claim, hundreds of people showed up in the funeral of martyr Chappari.