Martyr Tahereh Hashemi

Name: Tahereh Hashemi

Date of Birth: 1968

Place of Birth: Amol

Date of Martyrdom: January 26, 1982

Place of Martyrdom: Amol

Tahereh Hashemi was born in 1968 in Amol. She started going to school since she was six. Tahereh was very interested in learning new things and she was always the top student of her class. She was also a very patient person who expressed her ideas explicitly without any fear.

In 1978, when she was only ten, Tahereh Hashemi used to participate in rallies against the Shah regime along with the rest of Iranian people. After the victory of the Revolution, she started her activities at the Islamic Society of her school.

She used to participate in cultural activities such as holding exhibitions. Tahereh was a very humble girl who used to fast in order to improve herself. She also tried to say her prayers just on time.

During the rioters’ attack on Amol city in 1986, Tahereh Hashemi was there to help the city defenders when she was martyred by the savage rioters.