Habilian Exhibition at Payam Noor University of Neishaboor

Habilian Association, the official representative of families of more than 17000 Iranian terror victims, held a 3-day long exhibition on “deviated cults” in Payam Noor University of Neishaboor. Some 70 posters were used during the event which covered topics regarding Hojjatieh Society and the deviated Baha’i cult.

Baha’i cult’s 160 year long history and a review on the cult’s misgivings and false accusations against Islam were among topics discussed during the event.

Some posters were dedicated to revealing Bahais role in the post 2008 Iranian presidential elections riots and the organized levels of turning to Baha’i, the cult’s symbols, and how two British agents, Abdolbaha, the former leader of Baha’i cult, and Salman Rushdi, the writer of the book “Satanic Verse” were given the title of “Sir” by the British Monarch.

Another part of the exhibition was dedicated to reviewing numerous deviations of the Hojjatieh Society, an association that is bringing harm to the principals of Shia by adopting radical and extreme religious measures.

At the end some relevant books and software were presented to the visitors.