KSA funds MKO terrorists: Saudi expert

A Saudi political analyst and the director of the Institute for Gulf Affairs in Washington DC, blew the lid off the Saudi Arabia's multi-million dollars aid to the Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorist group.

Ali AlAhmed revealed on his Twitter page that US sources told him that the Saudi Arabia supplied MKO with the aid of millions of dollars.

Earlier in May 2012, The Guardian reported an investigation by the US Treasury Department has indicated that the terrorist MKO was financially sponsored by the Israeli regime or Saudi Arabia.

"There are some US officials who suspect that, because of the amounts involved, money is also coming from other sources, mostly likely Saudi Arabia or Israel. Those officials point to circumstantial but not definitive evidence that Israel may have used the MEK in the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists."

Press TV also cited one of the defectors of the MKO as saying that the MKO received funding from Saudi Arabia and Israel, emphasizing MKO’s role in the suppression and massacre of Iraqis under the former Baath regime.

Maryam Sanjabi said there is evidence about the relations and cooperation between the MKO and the Saudi kingdom.