Basirat exhibiton in Kashmar

A holy center in Kashmar, Khorasan Razavi province, hosted the 7-day long Basirat exhibition held by Habilian Association.

The exhibition was aimed to depict some unknown aspects of deviated Baha’i cult and Hojjatieh Society. It was officially opened in the presence of city’s officials and the governor.

The materials presented to the students in the exhibition included posters covering some unknown aspects of Baha’i cult such as: Baha’i cult’s history, a review on some Baha’i beliefs including justifiability of consanguineous marriages and distortion of truth in the cult, Imam Khomeini’s belief about the cult, organization of Baha’i and the Israeli-Arab war.

Hojjatieh Society's establishment process, its deviated thought, Hojjatieh at service of Savak (Shah regime's intelligence service), Imam Khomeini and Hojjatieh Society, Hojjatieh after victory of Islamic Revolution, Hojjatieh and Mujahedin e-Khalq organization's common beliefs, Hojjatieh and spread of separation of religion from politics, Wilayat e-faqih from Hojjatieh Society's view, answers to Hojjatieh's deviated beliefs, Hojjatieh's role in 2008 post presidential election riots and Hojjatieh's recruitment methods were also discussed in detail in the exhibition.

In another part of the exhibition, some related videos including details on the both deviated cults, were provided to the visitors.

Habilian experts were also present at the exhibition to answer the visitors’ questions. About 500 people visited the exhibition each day.