Exhibition at the religious center of a northeastern Village

A 6-day long exhibition was organized by Habilian Association at the Hussainiyat of Imam Taghi (PBUH) Village. The village is located near religious city of Mashhad.

The visitors were provided with some details on topics such as: Green hypocrisy leaders and their beliefs, connection between terrorist Mujahedin e-Khalq organization members and 2008 post election riots, confessions of arrested rioters regarding to their actions in 2008 riots, behind the scenes of the so called Human Rights activities in Iran, etc.

Another warmly welcomed part of the exhibition revealed some information about Green leaders’ visit of an MKO agent, Green hypocrites mourning for MKO, monarchists’ support of Zahra Rahnavard, the secret behind companionship of Habibollah Payman for Mir Hossein Moussavi, Zahra Rahnavard’s explicit support of MKO, etc.

At the end, some relevant Habilian products were provided to the visitors.