“Basirat Exhibition” in Yazd

As the representative of the families of Iranian terror victims, Habilian Foundation held “Basirat Exhibition” at Agha Hosseinieh in Yazd.

According to Habilian’s report, Mohammadreza Fallahzadeh, the governor, as well as other officials of Yazd took part in the opening of the exhibition.

Distinguished actor and film producer, Ahmad Najafi also gave a speech at the exhibition emphasizing the expansion of cultural activities in this field.

The exhibition presented documents about the crimes MKO has so far committed in Iraq as Saddam’s private army and their assisting the Iraqi dictator in massacre of Iraqi Kurds and suppression of the Shiites Intifada in 1991.

The viewers also had the opportunity to get Habilian Foundation’s software and multimedia products about the nature of terrorist groups and the crimes deviant political streams and terrorist groups like MKO committed in Iran and the damages they have so far caused to the country.

A comprehensive survey of Baha'ism and Hojjatieh society, two deviant groups which are inimical to Islam, as well as various books and pamphlets about hypocrisy and hypocrites (MEK) were other parts of the exhibition.