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“Bombs are the Mojahedin’s weapon of choice, and they have used them frequently against American targets, for example on the occasion of President Nixon’s visit to Iran in 1972, the PMOI set off bombs at more than 12 locations throughout Teheran”

This led Liberation conclude that:

“In Iran, the Mojahedin have only the capability to carry out terrorist attacks from time to time. In Iraq, they participate in Saddam’s repression, notably against the Kurds. Maryam had to leave her exile in Auvers in 1993 to join Massoud. The fall of the Iraqi dictator made her return to France, with twenty senior officials. Paris agreed to this. Massoud himself has disappeared”. 1

Why be shocked, then, when Yann Richard, researcher at the French Institute for International Relations (IFRI), considered a major specialist on Islam and author of Shi’ism and Islam, states that: “This group could probably be compared to the IRA or the PKK in its methods. These are rabid people who, should they actually come to power, would be worse than the present regime. They are bloody and violent madmen”? 2


By Bomb Blasts

Seeing the failure of any attempt to invade Iran militarily and to “free” a nation they hoped would welcome them as liberators, Massoud Rajavi’s People’s Mojahedin had to rethink their strategy. They were forced to replace their military offensives with terrorist attacks carried out by small commando groups. The PMOI returned to its origins, terrorism placed at the revolution’s service.

Careful to polish their image on the international level, the People’s Mojahedin denied any recourse to these extraordinarily cowardly methods: “The position of the Iranian resistance on blind terrorism and blind violence has always been clear. It strongly condemns activities that endanger innocent people. Contrary to the reports and allegations, the Mojahedin never took part in activities, in Iran or elsewhere, that threatened the lives of innocent civilians“. 3

It was not very easy to defend themselves, since the facts so abundantly show another reality. This is much more cruel and happens to be right in line with classic subversive movements. As Mao recalled:

“The revolution is not a dinner party: it is not produced like a literary work, a drawing or embroidery. It cannot be carried through successfully with so much elegance, tranquility and delicacy, or with so much sweetness, amiability, courtesy, poise and soulfulness. The revolution is an uprising: a violent act by which one class overthrows another”. 4

Moreover, solid testimony abounds. Let us merely recall this Agence France Presse dispatch: “With 10,000 to 15,000 fighters the National Liberation Army of Iran has several bases in Iraq. It has claimed responsibility for several operations inside Iran. The most spectacular were carried out against eight oil pipelines and the Mausoleum of Imam Khomeini, the late Guide of the Revolution, near Tehran. Several Guardians of the Revolution were wounded”. 5

Implicated in the hostage taking at the American Embassy and in the assassination of six American citizens, Massoud Rajavi’s supporters have always had a weakness for using explosives. “Bombs are the Mojahedin’s weapon of choice. They have used them frequently against American targets. On the occasion of President Nixon’s visit to Iran in 1972, for example, the PMOI set off bombs at more than 12 locations throughout Teheran”. 6

In their press, they take credit for their actions:

“The explosion of the American military advisor’s car. The explosion in the centre of Anierican military espionage activities. The explosion at the gates of Reza Khan ‘s tomb where Nixon was planning a wreath laying ceremony. The explosion at the British Embassy. Several explosions along the way that were so many slaps to Nixon. Each of these operations had its own characteristics which celebrate anti-dictatorial combat and the anti-imperialist approach of our organisation’s struggle “. 7

The French Government does not act by chance. It knows exactly what it is dealing with concerning the real nature of the PMOI:

“The leaders of the People’s Mojahedin are accused of having planned, at the time of the end of the Iraq War, of creating their ‘World HQ’, an ‘operational centre’ with terrorist aims...

In France the Iranian opposition movement has already been threatened by the authorities, notably in 1986, then during a police operation in October 1999. Yet, its members have never been prosecuted for ‘belonging to an association of criminals in relation to a terrorist enterprise...’ 8


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