MKO's role in the 1987 Mecca massacre

On July 31, 1987, 6th of Dhu Al-Hijjah, 1407 (lunar year), the “Disavowal of Infidels” (al-bara'a min al-mushrikin) ceremony, rallies held by pilgrims in Mecca to denounce Israel and the United States,

A glance at the roots of MKO's largest military operation against Iran

Before the Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979, several groups believed it was impossible to defeat Shah’s regime unless by weapons and through armed conflict. This was an idea shared by some Marxist…

What Did The MeK Do With The Iranian People?

A Narrative of the Murder of 12,000 Iranians By the MeK Seyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejhad, son of late Ayatollah Hasheminejhad, is the Secretary General of Habilian Association, a center dedicated…

Habilian Association SG’s speech at the 6th International New Horizons Conference (Full Text)

According to Habilian, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad, Secretary General of Habilian Association (Families of 17000 Iranian Victims of Terrorism) gave a lecture at the 6th International New Horizons…

NATO’s terrorist bases in Europe

 NATO and the United States, which, together, claim to be fighting some sort of amorphous “global war on terrorism,” have enabled a terrorist group to establish bases in two NATO member states –

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