Participatory counter-terrorism mechanisms for peaceful enforcement actions

In the context of international cooperation, governments pursue peacekeeping efforts both nationally and regionally and internationally. But what we have to say is that the principle of law enforcement,

Iran as Terror Myth

Michael S. Rozeff, lewrockwellAccording to the U.S. Department of State, Iran foments terrorism: “Designated as a State Sponsor of Terrorism in 1984, Iran continued its terrorist-related activity in…

Saudi Arabia's folly, Iran's smart diplomacy

Daily SabahTrump's diplomacy of tension signifies a significant turn for the worse in the region and a flash point for the escalation of existing rivalries, and having supported Saudi Arabia's folly,

Iran Played Pivotal Role in Anti-Terror Campaign in Region: British Activist

A prominent political expert and activist based in the UK praised Iran for its major role in the fall of the Daesh (ISIS or ISIL) terrorist group in the Middle East and said without Tehran’s…

Arab resistance, only way to stop Saudi State terrorism

By Dr. Mostafa Entezari Heravi, Habilian
Saudi Arabia’s state terrorism which used to pose a threat to Muslim nations in the form of an extremist ideology until recently, has now entered a new…

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