Resemblances between Takfiri, Iranian terrorist groups

Since four years ago when Takfiri terrorists, backed up and preplanned by the West, stepped on the lands of Southwestern Asia and launched their violence, Iranians and the Islamic Republic officials were reminded of the early years of the Revolution. Islamic Republic of Iran, which had to face a big threat called terrorism immediately after its emergence, had received many strikes from this ominous phenomenon during these years. Despite the terrorists’ and their leaders’ illusions, this nation and country become more and more active and lively every day. High-ranked officials and large groups of innocent people all have fallen victims to these terrorist activities.

The interesting point here is the resemblance that lies between the activities of Takfiri terrorists and those terrorists who were active in Iran. One of the reasons of this similarity is related to the main stream of terrorism which is at work in the globe, originating from those Western countries that have a claim to human rights. In the early years of the Islamic Republic of Iran when the so-called world powers like America and the UK attempted to dismantle this regime, they nurtured terrorism as a means against the Republic.

Today, we hear the Western and European countries having confessed their roles in planning and constituting Takfiri terrorist groups from a long time ago. They have set various training courses for the leaders of these groups for conducting terrorist activities in the region. For instance, you can refer to the memoir of Hillary Clinton, the former US Secretary of State, in a book titled “Hard Choices”.

Here there is an attempt to pinpoint the similarities between terrorist activities of the present Takfiri groups (at the present) with the terrorists who were active at the early years of the Islamic Republic of Iran. No doubt, there are instances of these violent activities the same as those which were active in Iran. But the objective here is to draw a comparison with the terrorist activities of the early years of Islamic Republic of Iran.


May 8, 1981: Anti-Revolution terrorist groups martyred some of the Kurd Muslims in Sanandaj. They horribly dismembered a worker named Marouf Shebeli, 25, who was the representative of Sanandaj workers along with his brother. (Jomhouri-e Islami Newspaper, May 11, 1981, p. 4)

February 24, 1982: Two Muslim Kurd Peshmerga were assassinated terribly by the Democratic Party. (Jomhouri-e Islami Newspaper, August 28, 1982, p. 27)

January 20, 1982: Morteza Nasehpour (the arrested member of Mojahedin-e Khalq group): in the 20th of January, I witnessed how the members of the organization stabbed anybody who was passing by in Vali Asr Intersection, Taleghani. That day members of the group were permitted to carry any weapon with them. I heard of assassinating the Hezbollahi people that day. (Black Record, v.3, pp. 158-164)

August 15, 1980: 02:30 a.m.: A lot of armed attackers who were a combination of Democratic Party members and other anti-Revolution groups attacked the city called Paveh and surrounded it. This led to a harsh clash between them and the guardians of the Islamic Republic. The anti-Revolutionaries not only attacked the guardians’ base but also the other parts of the city including its hospital and beheaded the injured and assassinated the martyrs. (Ettela’at newspaper August 16, 1980 page 1; Keyhan Newspaper, August 1980, pp.1&2 and July 22, 1980, p. 3; Jomhouri-e Islami, 1980, p. 1)

September 4, 2013: Terrorist and Takfiri groups murdered some of the clergymen after having tortured them and chopped their hands and legs. This crime was committed in al-Ayooj village in al-Raqqa. (Young Journalists Club)

September 22, 2013:  Several days ago ISIS executed seven persons who were inhabitants of Diyala and were aged between 16 up to 20 around al-Sadiyah district and chopped bodies of some. (, Code 4068)


May 8, 1981: Anti-revolutionary groups executed Shamsollah Moshir Panahi and Nemat Gachkar in Sanandaj. (Jomhouri-e Islami May 11, 1981, p. 4)

November 17, 1980: Three of the guardians of the Islamic Republic who were captured by the anti-revolutionaries were executed in Marivan and their bodies were left outskirts. (Jomhouri-e Islami November 19, 1980, p.4)

April 9, 2013: ISIS terrorist forces executed 300 inhabitants of the south of Mosul in Iraq's Northern Neynava province, with no reason. (Serat News, code 236675).

July-August, 2014: The terrorists executed three young men in the suburbs of Hamah State. (, code 22410).

October 23, 2014: ISIS terrorists killed a Syrian soldier and trampled him by a tank. (, code 25869).


May 8, 1980: The MKO terrorists fired the corpse of Ali Ghafouri in Sanandaj. (Jomhouri-e Islami May 11, 1981, p. 4).

June 30, 1982: One of the crimes of the MKO was firing the house of a couple in Mah’shahr. In this event, only their three-year old child, named Fatemeh, who was left alone in the conex boxes where they lived was burned to death. (Tabar-e Terror, by Sadegh Kooshki, pp. 7-11).

January 20, 1982: Farhad Niri (an arrested member of the MKO): after the 30th of Khordad, tens of workers were killed and their bodies were burned by Molotov cocktail and explosives. (Black Record, v. 1, pp. 64-70).

February 3, 2014: ISIS terrorists burned a Jordanian journalist alive. (Al-Alam News Network)


January 20, 1982: Gholamreza Beik-Mohammadi (an arrested member of the MKO): The terrorists beheaded a guardian around Ferdowsi Square in Tehran. (Black Record, v. 3, pp. 158-164).

August 16, 1980: Armed men led by Jalal Talebani, Salar Jaf, Palizban and the rest attacked the hospital in Paveh and not only killed 29 guardians but also beheaded 18 injured men. (Ettela’at Newspaper, July 18, 1980, p. 2; Jomhouri-e Islami Newspaper, July 18, 1980, p. 1, 2, 12; Keyhan Newpaper, July 18, 1980, p. 27; Encyclopedia of Terror Martyrs).

March 17, 2013: Abu Abdurrahman Iraqi, ISIS executioner, in one of his most recent acts of capturing one of the bases of Jabhat al-Nusra in north Syria, beheaded at least three of the members of this group and two of the other terrorist group named Ahrar al-Sham. (Farhang News, code, 67810).

November 26, 2014: Following their brutal acts, ISIS criminals excommunicated an aged man only because he was an Ismaili Shiite and cut his head in cold blood. (, code 6951).

October 28, 2014: ISIS beheaded two Libyans in the public for sorcery. (, code 26055).

Suicide Operations

September 1982: at 08:00 a.m. when Hojat ol-Islam Hasheminejad finished his classes in Islamic Republican party in Mashhad and was about to leave the building, a man called Hadi Alavian who had a grenade in his hand approached him, hugged him from the back and put the grenade on his belly and exploded it leading to the martyrdom of Ayatollah Hasheminejad. (Johouri-e Islami, September 30, 1982, p. 4)

December 11, 1982: 11:40 a.m. when Abdolhossain Dastghayb, Friday Prayer leader and the representative of Imam in Fars Province, was on the way to Hazrat Ahmad ibn Mossa Holy Shrine to hold the Friday prayer, a girl from the MKO ran to him and told him she had got a letter for him and when she neared him she exploded a bomb and Dastghayeb along with 12 of his companions were martyred. (Jomhouri-e Islami, December 12ft, 1982, p. 4)

October 28, 2015: Takfiri ISIS took charge of attacking the Ismaili Shiites mosque in Saudi Arabia. In this event, two people were martyred and some were injured. (, code 26048)


These instances show only part of the resemblances of terrorist activities of the terrorist groups. Such operations as direct terror with weapon, brutal torturing, bombings, etc. are some of these activities. In years not so long back, different terrorist groups also such as Jundollah and Jaish al-Adl assassinated people in Islamic Republic of Iran.

These similarities may lead to the conclusion that the thought line of these terrorist groups whether in Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc. has been drawn by the same hand, and that is the West headed by America and colonizing countries. The same countries that have a claim to human rights but directly (in Afghanistan, Pakistan, …) or indirectly (in Iraq, Syria, …) murder numberless of innocent people all over the world. It is at this point that our Great Imam, displays the line of thought of such groups in Iran quite well and states, “They say they are for the nation… Iran’s nation is America.” And the same point has been expressed by our Supreme Leader, “I wonder how Americans do not feel shame when they talk of human rights. Anybody can claim to support human rights but the Americans should not do so for all the disgrace they have done to human rights. Most probably people are not aware of the eighty or ninety cases out of the hundred movements they have made against human rights. Even those ten or twenty cases which they know themselves would become a thick black book.”

In fact, it is America and its allies who are leading all terrorist groups of the world and have turned to killing innocent people, and call countries like Islamic Republic of Iran, which themselves are victims of terror, as terrorists.

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